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Wrinkle Relaxers

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As part of our commitment to providing quality information, we educate our patients of the various options available to help reduce wrinkles. Wrinkle relaxers are a popular choice that involve using a purified protein, typically a neuromodulator, to interrupt nerve signals in targeted muscles responsible for expression lines.

This results in relaxation of the underlying muscles and helps to prevent the formation of “dynamic wrinkles”. Frequent treatments with products such as Botox can assist with skin cell regeneration and a reduction in wrinkle prominence over time. We understand that finding the right treatment can be challenging, which is why our team is always available to provide further information and guidance regarding our services.

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Patients who undergo wrinkle relaxer treatment typically start noticing subtle changes within the first few days of the procedure, with results lasting up to three or four months. ACHS advises patients to schedule a touch-up appointment at the end of this period to maintain their results.

We like to inform our patients that wrinkle relaxers are not to be confused with dermal fillers, as the two procedures differ in their application and addressing of different wrinkles. Wrinkle relaxers target the underlying causes of specific types of wrinkles by restricting the movement of treated facial muscles.

For more information on which wrinkle relaxer treatment is best suited for your needs, please contact us today to book a professional consultation at Advanced Care Health Systems.

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